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Hertfordshire Equine Fine Art Photography Session

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

For this Fine art Equine Photography, we headed to Welham Green to meet the beautiful Litia and her 2 Gypsy cobs named Soldier and Benny. This was my first time to work with animals and I think I'm in love.

Benny (Left) Soldier (Right)

It was wonderful to witness the bond between Litia and her horses. I loved seeing the horses being completely relaxed with its person. Soldier (4), even though young and playful (also who likes to chew on anything that's close to his mouth, may it be a dress or hair), we managed to capture the most photogenic images of him. Benny (8) was calm and steady, and he did everything we asked with such grace and full attention.

For our last setting, we tried to add smoke grenades far away from the horses to see how they react. Soldier was petrified and fidgety while Benny was still calm even though spooked by the smoke. We then tried the look that I was dying to do for a long time and completely blown away by how stunning and magnificent Benny look as he stood in the smoke while we capture the moment.

Girl with her horse captured using a smoke grenade
Girl with her horse captured using smoke grenades

I was so pleased to be able to capture this images and I am now looking forward to more pet photography. Thank you so much Litia for trusting me to take your photos!

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